Collecting or Hoarding: When do you cross the thin red line?

Ok, if your website is called collect Ik (which means I collect in my language), you are probably already within viewing distance of the thin red line.

Which red line, you might ask me?

Well the line where you go from “a little eccentric” to “full blown hoarder”

From “has a lot of interesting stuff” to “can’t even open the door to his house anymore”

Or my favorite: “sleeps on a pile of stuff because he can’t reach his bed”

But rest assured, for now I am still OK. I can still sleep on my bed (but it usually requires some organizing). My door opens easily most of the time. And I am still in the “fun and eccentric” zone.

So, how are you? Do you ever find yourself wondering why you have all these things? Does your wife shout at you daily because you are hiding thrift purchases in the closets?

Or has she already left…..

Let me know in the comments below!

It’s always nice to see how others are dealing with these issues.