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Nintendo DS adds

wireless features

Nintendo Co. has announced new wireless features for its DS portable video game player, including a free service that will let consumers beam game demos and other content directly to the device.

Starting in late March, the company plans to deploy electronic kiosks at thousands of U.S. retailers including Best Buy Co. Inc. and GameStop Corp.

Owners of the dual-screen DS who go near the kiosks will automatically receive a notice on their devices offering game demos, movie trailers and other content for temporary download. The information will be erased from the DS once it’s turned off.

The service uses the device’s local-area wireless networking capabilities, which until now had been used just to facilitate head-to-head play by gamers near one another.


Net surfing often

its own destination

Some people go online just for the sake of it: A new study finds that on any given day, nearly a third of U.S. Internet users log on just for fun or to pass the time.

Compared with other online tasks, recreational surfing ranks behind only e-mail and search, and it’s about even with getting news online, according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project.

“What it says about the Internet is that it is becoming a full-blown destination in itself,” said Deb Fallows, the Pew senior research fellow who led the study released Wednesday. “They are just led there just to see what is going on.”

Pew credits the growth in broadband connections at home and the increase in the number and variety of Web sites available.

The 30 percent of Internet users who went online for fun on a given day represents an increase from 21 percent a year earlier.


Microsoft Office

to offer online tools

Microsoft Corp. is targeting small-business users of its Office software with the launch of an additional package of services online, including free Web-page development tools, free domain names, Web hosting and e-mail. Eventually, most of the services in Office Live will be included in a $29.95-a-month subscription package, according to a Web log published by MSN executives at Live’s online tools also allow companies to share and manage information among employees.

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