Even in the year 2018, search engine optimization is alive and well. If you have any kind of website online you’re looking to draw traffic towards, then you need ongoing SEO efforts in order to gain the love and attention of the search engines. This is an interesting mix of both modern tactics reflecting new technology and old fundamentals unlikely to change in the near future, if ever.

How To Use Mobile And Voice Search?

One of the modern facets of the current online world is that your websites need to cater to mobile technology. Whether it’s smartphones or tablets, more than half of all new online users are connecting using mobile technology, and if you’re looking to cater to the international audience, the numbers are even higher. Desktops are unlikely to ever truly die, but if you don’t have mobile-friendly versions of your websites, you’re missing out on over half the audience. In fact, Google is in some cases starting to only show mobile website versions in its results.

One more modern thing that’s a little more cutting edge that you might want to start looking into is catering to voice snippets. Given how many mobile devices are now connecting to the Internet, along with ‘home’ devices like Alexa, an increasing number of search queries are happening in the form of spoken questions.

If you can identify specific queries someone might ask that would relate to your site or content, then you can possibly create answers that Google and other search engines use as their answer. Anyone that likes what they hear and want more information will wind up visiting your site or spending more time there instead of someone else’s. Check out https://www.greenstairseo.com/ for voice specific SEO services.

Keep in mind that this isn’t just people at home asking questions in their kitchen or living room, but also people on the move, like thinking out loud at a stoplight.

Offline Channels Still Work.

Old school networking is one fundamental that can still help out your website. Join the local Chamber of Commerce. Your business gets instant credibility but also a slight ranking boost in search engines, as most chambers link back to their members. Also, join the Better Business Bureau if you can for even more credibility and help in local searches.

Speed, Security, And Trust

Never use a web host that blocks information about domain ownership. Google frowns on this a lot more than it used to, and if it finds your own block is questionable, your website might be removed from the listings.

Don’t share a proxy server host with less reputable sites. Sharing a proxy with any site already banned for spam or fraudulent activities means your rankings might go lower, hurting your traffic.

Also, use a host with great up-time or at least quick responses when things go down. Google monitors sites for their actual activity, and while many popular sites have their content cached, you’d rather they come straight to you. Google is more likely to send traffic to sites that it knows are up and online most of the time.

Social Media Are Mandatory

Make sure your website has at least a Facebook page, Twitter account, and YouTube channel. Some social media rise and fall, but this core trio is the central powerhouse of social media that’s obviously going to be around a while. All three are not only ways to get people to your site but also great ways to get backlinks via viral content.

Search engine optimization is a very fluid and complicated field, and it’s understandable if you just turn over the work to the full-time professionals. However, starting with the tips in this article, you can learn search engine optimization basics in 2018, covering both old-school fundamentals and newer trends you should be a part of.

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