Top Six Tips on How to Store Vape Juice

About a decade ago, e-cigarettes joined the industry with a bang posing as a threat to the cigarette companies. They started as the best tobacco-replacement products but, with time, the trend has slowly changed. Recently, vaping has gained significant traction in the U.S. and U.K. with stores popping up from every corner on the streets. You can rarely close two roads without catching a sniff of the sweet-smelling vapor from a passerby’s gadget. The celebrities, mainly, have significantly contributed to the rise in use of the e-cigarettes amongst the youths as they find it cool.’

The e-cigarette gadgets don’t contain tobacco and hence termed as a safer alternative for the smokers. However, there is vape juice, which is essential to the device yet expensive part of the whole procedure. The cost has seen individuals go to the extent of coming up with their juices or stock their favorite brands. If you’re reading this article, most likely you’ve got tons of vape juice, but you aren’t sure on how to store it safely. Without saying much, here are tips on how to save your vape juice for future use.

  1. Store away from the reach of children and pets
    Children and pets are a source of joy to many homesteads. However, the same kids and pets can be messy, especially when left un-monitored. Therefore, when storing your vape juices, you must remember to keep them away from the reach of children and pets. You may argue that e-juices come with childproof caps which are at least safe. However, you understand that some kids and pets can be nosy. Nicotine is flammable not forgetting that the liquid can become poisonous when consumed directly. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry by using high shelves and cupboards as they are perfect points to place your vape juices.
  2. Keep away from heat
    The second trick to preserving your vape juice is keeping it away from the heat. Well, most e-liquids come packed in bottles that block the U.V. rays. However, the translucent bottles are never enough if you don’t keep the item away from heat. Exposing your e-juice under the sun for an extended period can interfere with the components. In other words, the exposure can see the juice’s taste change since the elements of the ingredients will have altered. Therefore, it’s advisable to keep your liquids in a closed cupboard or a shelf that is away from any heat.
  3. Store away from air and light
    Another step towards ensuring that your e-juice lasts longer is to keep it away from the sun and air. Scientifically, the sunlight from the sun and wind can react with the nicotine present in the juice, thus changing the color. Also, the air exposure oxidizes the nicotine component forming cotinine. On this, the rays from the sun act as a catalyst leading to the production of more cotinine. That means, the more you expose the juice to the sun, the more nicotine content you end up losing. The result is that your e-juice will end up losing its original flavor. Therefore, it’s recommended to store it in an airtight bottle and away from the sun rays.
  4. Avoid storing the juice in a mailbox or your car
    Your vehicle or mailboxes comprise of metal coverings, and you can compare them to a solar oven. That means that the difference in temperature between the interior and exterior can hit up to 40˚F. In short, storing the juice in an enclosed metallic compartment is the same as putting them in an oven for over 10 minutes. The obvious happens; your juice will turn molten from the initial syrupy state. Therefore, avoid a metallic compartment at all cost, unless you wish to use it as an air freshener.
  5. Store the juice in a refrigerator or freezer
    Like food, you can store your favorite e-juice in a fridge. By doing so, you prevent bacteria activities. Also, you regulate the energy that the molecules in the juice may require to react among themselves. You can store the e-liquid in the freezer as well as they don’t turn to a solid mass. But, be sure to know that freezing can reduce the flavor’s strength. The two tricks can help you keep your e-juice long enough. All you must do is bring it to room temperature, and that’s a few minutes before using.
  6. Plastic vs. glass containers
    When it comes to the bottles, there is always a heated debate with individuals confused about whether to use plastic or glass containers. The truth is that both glass and plastic containers are right based on the juice’s purposes. Plastic juice containers, for instance, are suitable for short span use. Plastic can react with the vape juice’s elements, especially after exposure to the air or heat. The result is that your e-liquid will have a different taste. Therefore, it’s advisable to go with glass containers as the material blocks any reactions while keeping off the air.


Recently, the use of e-cigarettes has gained popularity with different e-liquid flavors launching now and then. The trend has seen smokers ask many questions on how to store the vape juices to continue enjoying the original taste and flavor. The six tips provided in this article will see your e-juice last long enough. By following the tips carefully, you can save plenty of money that you would have used to replace a damaged e-juice.

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